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IP Judgments listed by topic

This webpage provides full/extract translations of selected IP Judgments ,listed by topic.
This webpage will be updated as new translations of selected cases are prepared.

1 Patent
2 Trademark Right
3 Design Right
4 Copyright
5 Unfair Competition Prevention Act
6 Commercial Code,etc.

1 Patent
(1) Patentability/ Validity of the Patent
       (a) Eligibility
       (b) Novelty/ Inventive Step
       (c) Description Requirement of the Claim/ the Specification
       (d) Misappropriated Application
       (e) Requirement for Divisional Application
(2) Claim Construction
(3) Amendment/ Correction
(4) Requirement for Registration of Extension of Duration of Patent Right
(5) Procedure for Suits against Appeal/ Trial Decisions made by the JPO
(6) Indirect Infringement
(7) Infringement under the Doctrine of Equivalents
(8) Exhaustion,Abuse of Right,or other Defenses
(9) The Amount of Damages
(10) Calculation of the Employee's Invention Compensation
(11) Inventorship
(12) Jurisdiction and Others
2 Trademark Right
(1) Validity of the Trademark Registration
       (a) Common Name(Article 3, paragraph(1),item(1))
       (b) Distinctiveness/ Distinctiveness acquired through Use (Article 3, paragraph(1),item(3),paragraph (2))
       (c) The Mark to cause Damage to Public Policy (Article 4, paragraph (1),item(7))
       (d) Similarity (Article 4, paragraph(1),item(10),item(11))
       (e) The Mark to cause Confusion (Article4, paragraph(1),item(15))
       (f) Prior use
       (g) Others
(2) The Registered Trademark not in Use (article 50)
(3) Unfair Use of the registered Trade Mark
(4) Use as a trade mark
(5) Similarity of Marks
(6) Similarity of Goods or Services
(7) Exhaustion,Abuse of Right, or other Defenses
(8) The Amount of Damages
(9) Binding effect of the JPO decision
(10) Jurisdiction and Others
3 Design Right
(1) Validity of the Design Right Registration
(2) Similarity of Goods
4 Copyright
(1) Copyrightability
(2) Works of Computer Programming
(3) Compilations
(4) Copyright Ownership
(5) Rights Comprising a Copyright
       (a) Right of Reproduction/ Right of Adaptation
       (b) Right of public Transmission
       (c) Right to Rent Out
(6) Limitation on Copyright
(7) Liability of Joint Tortfeasors/ Secondary Liability
(8) The Moral Rights of Author
(9) The Amount of Damages
(10) Jurisdiction and Others
5 Unfair Competition Prevention Act
(1) Unfair Competition
(2) Indication of Goods or Business
(3) Identity of Shapes
(4) The Domain Name
(5) The Indication likely to cause misconception
(6) The Act of making or circulating a false Allegation
(7) Trade Secret
(8) Jurisdiction and Others
6 Commercial Code,etc.
(1) Right of Publicity