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Chief Judge's Greeting

Chief Judge of the IP High Court Misao Shimizu

Career summary

March 1979 Completed training at the Legal Training and Research Institute (31th term)
April 1979 Yokohama District Court
August 1982 Tokushima District/Family Court
April 1985 Tokyo Family Court
July 1989 Tokyo National Tax Tribunal
July 1992 Tsu District/Family Court, Yokkaichi Branch
April 1996 Tokyo High Court (Intellectual Property Division)
April 2000 Naha District/Family Court (Presiding Judge)
April 2003 Tokyo High Court (Intellectual Property Division)
December 2004 Tokyo District Court (Presiding Judge, Intellectual Property Division)
April 2010 Intellectual Property High Court
September 2011 Chief Judge, Tokushima District/Family Court
September 2013 Intellectual Property High Court (Presiding Judge)
January 2017 Chief Judge of the Intellectual Property High Court

Inaugural Remarks

Recent IP-related disputes have become more complex and difficult with the advancement of science and technology, the proliferation of the Internet, and diversity in values, among other factors. Such disputes have also become increasingly international with globalization occurring in both the corporate and private spheres.

In this light, the Intellectual Property High Court was established in April 2005 as a high court specialized in IP-related litigation, and this year is the thirteenth anniversary of its establishment.

The Intellectual Property High Court deals mainly with appeal cases in infringement litigation related to patent rights, copyright, trademark rights, and design rights; appeal cases in IP-related lawsuits over, for example, violation of the Unfair Competition Prevention Act; and suits against appeal/trial decisions made by the Japan Patent Office.

I acknowledge that in Japan, the efforts of the parties involved, as well as their agents, contribute to solutions to IP-related litigation being reached more promptly, and to the steady progress toward achieving such solutions. The Intellectual Property High Court will also strive to provide more substantial and prompt solutions of IP-related disputes through the litigation in order to gain national trust and to meet expectations from the international community while meeting the demands of the times.

At the end of October this year, the Intellectual Property High Court will hold an international symposium on the protection of intellectual property rights in the Asian region in the presence of judges and attorneys including patent attorneys invited from East Asian and ASEAN countries. This symposium will aim to promote international exchange and is scheduled to conduct mock trials.

The Intellectual Property High Court will endeavor to be a court that is accessible to everyone and makes reasonable decisions for all the parties involved.

We will appreciate your continued support going forward.