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Participation in the International Conference at Fordham University

Chief Judge Misao Shimizu participated in the 25th Annual Intellectual Property Law & Policy Conference (hereinafter, “the Conference”) held at the Law School of Fordham University in New York, U. S. A., from April 20 to 21, 2017 (local time).
The Conference is a large-scale international event on intellectual property law held on the initiative of Professor Hugh C. Hansen of the Fordham Law School. This year, more than 500 people, including judges, government officials, lawyers, patent attorneys, researchers and people from business circles who work in the area of intellectual property from about 30 countries around the world attended the Conference. Japanese judges who deal with intellectual property litigation are among participants of the Conference every year.
Chief Judge Shimizu made presentations and remarks at the Judges Session as a panelist, in which only judges from each country participated, as well as at the “Patent Potpourri” Session, in which distinctive aspects of patent litigation in each country were presented. The Chief Judge also observed other sessions at the Conference over the two-day event.

A summary of Judge Shimizu's speech is available here.(PDF3597KB)