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Visit by Trainees of Operational Patent Examination Training Program

On October 14, 2016, trainees of the Operational Patent Examination Training Program, hosted by the JPO/IPR (a total of 10 examiners from India, Brazil, and Egypt), visited the IP High Court.
After receiving a greeting from Chief Judge Ryuichi Shitara, the visitors exchanged their views about the state of establishment of high courts which specialize in intellectual property right in each country. Then, they toured the round-table courtroom and other places in the courthouse and received from Judge Motoyuki Nakashima explanations about the judicial research officials system and technical advisors system and the outline of an explanatory session in Japan. Based on the explanations, an active questions and answer session was held as to the ratio of organizations from which judicial research officials and technical advisors come from, TV-conference system, and binding effect of judgment in suits against appeal/trial decisions made by the JPO.