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Opening of Judicial Symposium on Intellectual Property/Tokyo 2018

A two-day session of Judicial Symposium on Intellectual Property /Tokyo 2018 opened on October 31, 2018 (Wed.).
At the opening of the symposium, Justice Tsuneyuki Yamamoto of the Supreme Court delivered opening remarks on behalf of the organizers.
The IP High Court was in charge of the program for the first day, October 31, which was comprised of mock trials on the theme of patent validity issues in patent infringement litigation performed by judges and attorneys respectively from Japan, Germany, France, U.K. and U.S., and a subsequent panel discussion based on the results thereof. In the mock trials, each country provided general information on the system related to the case where the defendant alleged invalidity of patent in a patent infringement litigation, and the judges and attorneys demonstrated the procedures in a case concerning piston compressors in accordance with the procedures of their respective countries. The panel discussion following the mock trials mainly focused on the reasons for the differences in handling patent validity issues in each country.
It was a significant opportunity for the participants to make a comparative review of the judicial system and practice of each country with regard to the patent invalidity issues in patent infringement litigations through the mock trials and the panel discussion.