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Exchange of Views with Judges of Delhi High Court

On February 23, 2017, Judge Akira Katase of the IP High Court visited Delhi, India and exchanged views with court officials. Judge Katase exchanged views with Judge Bhat, Judge Muralidhar, Judge Sachdeva and Judge Bakhru of the Delhi High Court at a breakfast meeting held at the official residence of Judge Bhat. At the Delihi High Court, Judge Katase paid a courtesy call on the Chief Judge Rohini of the Delhi High Court. At the Supreme Court of India, Judge Katase also exchanged views with Secretary General Maithani of the Supreme Court of India. Further, Judge Katase observed the actual court procedures and toured the Mediation Center and Arbitration Center of the Delhi High Court as well as the Investigation Office and the library of the Supreme Court of India.
Judge Katase received explanations from the above judges about the judicial system, career paths of justices, actual circumstances of introduction of information technology, functions of commercial court that had been newly introduced in India. Judge Katase also actively exchanged views with the judges about the jurisdiction, the introduction of expert knowledge, proceedings of gathering evidence, the relationship between infringement lawsuit and suits against appeal/trial decision made by the JPO especially with respect to the IP litigation.