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Visit by Collaborative Researchers from China

On October 13, 2017, nine collaborative researchers from China, including Professor Li Mingde from the China Academy of Social Sciences, visited the IP High Court. Their visit was part of the Japan-China Joint Research project (commissioned by the Japan Patent Office) of the Institute of Intellectual Property.
The researchers received general explanations from Judge Toshihiko Terada of the Third Division about issues including the outline and history of the IP High Court, the system of IP-related litigations in Japan and the outline of proceedings in the IP High Court.
Next, they actively exchanged opinions with Presiding Judge Toshihiko Tsuruoka of the Third Division regarding the operation of the IP High Court, the current situation of the legal system in China and other topics.
After exchanging opinions, they toured the office of judicial research officials and a courtroom where there is a round table.