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Visit by JICA Trainees in 2017

On August 28, 2017, trainees (twelve legal practitioners who deal with intellectual property rights from Colombia, Iran, Laos, Myanmar, Nepal, Philippines, Tunisia, Ukraine, Congo(DRC), and Egypt) participating in the 2017 JICA Training Course, “Improved Intellectual Property System for Promoting Direct Investment from Overseas,” visited the IP High Court.
They received an explanation from Judge Motoyuki Nakashima about characteristics for patent litigation at the IP High Court, with a focus on the Judicial Research Officials System and the Technical Advisors System. Judge Nakashima also explained exclusive jurisdiction over patent lawsuits, the Grand Panel System, case management system, details of technical explanatory sessions, and the relationship between IP infringement suits and suits seeking rescission of JPO (Japan Patent Office) decisions. In response to these explanations, participants had an active question and answer session on various topics, including how judicial research officials and technical advisors get involved in court proceedings, how to use expert knowledge in intellectual property-related criminal cases, and international comparisons regarding patent invalidity defense and trials for patent invalidation.