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Visit by Stanford Law School Students

On March 26, 2018, 12 Stanford Law School students visited the IP High Court.
After being greeted by Chief Judge Misao Shimizu, the students toured the court. Then, Judge Motoyuki Nakashima provided an explanation to them including the outline of IP litigation in Japan, the “judicial research officials” and “technical advisors” systems, the relationship between patent infringement lawsuits and suits against appeal/trial decisions made by the JPO, and the content of law reports on the website that are translated into English and posted by issue.
In response, the students asked questions about comparisons with practices in Europe regarding the actual situation pertaining to the double track system, the role of judicial research officials and their impartiality and neutrality, comparisons with ordinary civil cases in terms of time intervals from commencement to disposition, and the actual situation pertaining to the selection of technical advisors.
In addition, the students actively exchanged opinions with Judge Nakashima about legal issues concerning the protection of well-known trademarks based on specific cases of the IP High Court from the perspective of comparative law.