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Participation in the 20th Anniversary International IP Law Symposium

On April 23, 2018, the 20th Anniversary International IP Law Symposium hosted by the Patent Court of Korea was held in Daejeon City, the Republic of Korea. Chief Judge Makiko Takabe (then Presiding Judge Takabe) and Judge Masaki Sugiura represented this court at the event.
After the keynote speech by Chief Judge Kyeong-ran Cho of the Patent Court of Korea, Chief Judge Takabe gave a keynote speech titled “Further Development of Patent Litigation,”(PDF7829KB)explaining the system and efforts regarding IP litigation in Japan and the Grand Panel System as well as certain judgments, including the recent judgment in the Grand Panel case that was handed down on the 13th of the same month. Chief Judge Takabe also introduced the Judicial Symposium on Intellectual Property / TOKYO, which has been held since last year as part of global efforts implemented by the IP High Court.
Following the keynote speech, three sessions were held: “Changes and Future Strategies of the Patent Court,” “Global IP Disputes and the International Chamber” and “Model Procedures in Global IP Disputes.” In each of these, presentations were given and then panels made up of judges of the Patent Court of Korea, attorneys and researchers inside the country and invited experts from overseas discussed designated topics.
In the third session, Judge Sugiura gave a presentation titled “Procedural Rules and Guidelines of the IP High Court of Japan,” (PDF6289KB)explaining the procedural rules for suits against appeal/trial decisions made by the Japan Patent Office in the IP High Court and for suits against infringement of IP rights in the Tokyo/Osaka District Court, and introducing efforts for disseminating the procedural guidelines.